Friday, March 26, 2010

cern sociology

Monday, March 22, 2010

Faultier Nachhilfe

Das Glück widmet sich Faultieren und deren nachhaltiger Ausbildung. Frau Klammer hilft ihm.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 resumée

d has finished writing her thesis. but she still has to study for two exams before she can hand in her magnificent work which will recreat science. so, if everything goes well, at the end of january the thesis will go to the two referees and at the end of april or so there will be the defense.

just to let you know ...

new work: austrian science board

alas, d is getting to know politics. a weird business. the new job definitely is exciting. for example she was taking part in the "hochschuldialog" which is this strange group of 50 people discussing about

education vs. professional education
bildung vs. ausbildung

- this funny debate in germany and austria. anyways, it was exciting to be there.

the new office is big. really big.

the science board itself is somewhat conservative which is not in favour of my taste. that is unfortunate. we will see.

now christmas is coming and i am looking forward to eating, drinking, and relaxing. although the last two months were not as stressful as i had thought in the beginning i am still very tired after a long year without holidays. 10 days break will hopefully recover my strength.

cat stories.

our four mietzies (pussycats) are grown up by now. 3 guys (bagira, pauli and herr kafka) and a girl (kali, the black devil). tough cats they are. still staying outside during the nights (well, they have to). but: they got a cathouse.

all four of them are desexed now (the vet gave us 10% discount). poor kitties, but it had to be. one got a little trauma.

d really loves her cats and cannot imagine living without them anymore. every day you wake up and you open the door. and as soon they hear the noise of the door, they run towards you and rub against your legs. they are so cute. beautiful.

maybe some pictures over christmas.

well that's it. no much is happening. i was shopping like crazy because i needed a bunch of new outfits for the office.

happy holidays everyone!
and let 2010 be a blessed year with great new adventures!

Monday, October 19, 2009


hui, d is really busy these days. with doing all her doctorwork. everthing that she really wanted to understand/calculate one day but somehow repressed in her subconsciousness now crawls to daylight. Hords of thoughts that are. Revenge is sweet.

then again. already page 45 including references. not sooo bad.

but then again. october 19! pretty bad. less than two weeks to work all day long on her thesis.

then again. viennese sociability.... we will see.

last week: my first days at the austrian science board. now listen you guys who think that austria is a banana republic and who wonder where the wealth comes from (because certainly it is not due to our wise government some might say). there are institutions behind the official ministers etc. and sometimes they obviously do good work as does the austrian science board. cynics could say that almost half of the board is german. so no wonder, that they work properly. but no, even the austrian guys did a good job.

so i guess the new job will be exciting.

what else?
His highness Prof. Harald Grosse officially retired. And so there was a Grosse(s) Fest. I hope i can get some photos from the guy who took some. anyways, Harald Grosse is now an official Landau ghostbuster with the appropriate outfit. which of course doesn't make sense to the dear reader because there is no photo. we will see.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


just to let you know guys.

oct 15

snow in vienna.

not funny ....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

even more changes

wow. this fall beginns with dramatic changes.

a new job!

from nov 1 on i will work for the austrian science board.

so far i cannot really say much, because it all happened so quickly. geez. i meet the staff members yesterday. and it was a really nice conversation. their working field is really interessting. and i thought, yes, that's it. they on the other hand really liked me. and today i talked to my prof. and he said that it would be alright with him (there is still a thesis that needs to be finished somehow). and so i got the job. and i am incredibly excited about this. i cannot tell you.

so stay tuned.

Monday, September 21, 2009


with the summer almost gone it's time for a quick up-date.

the monster paper on fermions in extra dimensions is finally finished. that means i will start writing my thesis. wow. somehow i can't believe it. now i need to stay focused, calm and sane.

but other things are changing too.

last friday was my fare-well party at obermüllnerstr. i think i haven't realised yet that the flat of my study times will be gone soon. With interruptions my sisters and me have been living there since 2001. that's a long time. yesterday my family helped me with doing the hard work, carrying tons of furniture and all kinds of stuff down from the 4th floor. hui. but i feel alright today. still, i think i will skip sport class tomorrow. not necessary.

all my stuff is now already that the new place, which is a fancy one. no muddy mucky student place. no no. proper place with 5 kitties. this morning 3 of them plus me were sleeping on the couch. lovely. the kitties like to cuddle up.